About the center

The Granted Research Center on Teams in International Business (TIB) combines two important observations from business practice: Companies often operate internationally (e.g., they have foreign suppliers and/or subsidiaries on countries outside their home country; they serve clients in various country markets; etc.). And these companies regularly employ teams to perform various tasks (e.g., sales teams conduct negotiations with their clients; marketing managers of subsidiaries meet to coordinate the company’s marketing activities on a global scale; various positions combine in a company’s recruiting department; etc.).

As such, our Granted Research Center tackles issues that belong to the daily routine of companies that recruit our students, with methods of high scientific standards, producing research that is published in internationally renowned journals. It aims at linking different audiences (researchers; students; managers), to encourage these audiences for a more fruitful and more elaborate exchange. The topics that we tackle should be equally important to progress an academic discussion, to enrich our teaching programs, and to provide new ideas for application in managerial practice.

The examples also illustrate why our Granted Research Center comprises researchers from several disciplines, including marketing, human resource management, strategy, and business information systems. Adopting the perspective of different disciplines, we can draw a more comprehensive picture of team-related issues in an international business environment.

We do hope that the description of our various projects is inspiring – and we equally hope to extend our network with people (researchers; students; managers) who are interested to contribute (see “contact”).

Robert Wilken
Scientific Director of the TIB Granted Research Center

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