• „The role of team composition in intercultural business negotiations“

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  • „In how far does the cultural context explain behavior in and outcomes of intercultural business negotiations?“

IACM 23rd Annual Conference, Boston/MA, USA, 24-27.6.2010; Fucks S., Jacob F., Prime N, Wilken R.


  • „Decoding the „black box“ of intercultural negotiations“

INFORMS Marketing Science Conference, Cologne, Germany, 17-19.6.2010; Fucks S., Jacob F., Prime N., Wilken R.


  • „Enhancing negotiation success through a good BATNA and buyer-sellerrelationships – An investigation into the black box of negotiations“

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  • „Intra- and inter-group negotiation behaviour in intercultural negotiations“

Conference on International and intercultural negotiation, Kopenhagen, Denmark, 8-9.4.2010; Fucks S., Jacob F., Wilken R.

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