• „Enhancing the experience of online users of open education“

International Conference on Web & Open Access to Learning (ICWOAL), Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 25.-27.11.2014; AbuJarour S., Bick M., Pawlowski J., Volungeviciene A., Trepule E., Bagucanskyte M., Pirkkalainen H., Ehlers U., Hudak R., Makropoulos D.; Pitsilis V.; Vidalis A.; Tannhauser A..


  • „The relationship between team-level HRM practices, team processes and employee performance“

9th International Conference of the Dutch HRM network, , Utrecht, The Netherlands, 12-13.11.2014; Alfes K., Ritz A., Bärtschi M.


  • „Mass Customization and Country-of-Origin Effects in B2B“

6th Conference on Mass Customization and Personalization (MCP-CE), Novi Sad, Serbia, 24-26.09.2014; Aichner T., Jacob F.


  • „The influence of negotiators ‘s individualism on disagregated outcomes in multi-issue business negotiations“

Proceedings of the 43 rd EMAC Conference, Valencia, Spain, 06.2014; Aykac T., Wilken R.


  • „Country-of-Origin-Effekte bei der Produktindividualisierung“

Workshop Dienstleistungsmarketing, Berlin, Germany, 26-28.02.14; Aichner T., Jacob F.


  • „Home country as a cue for supplier competences“

Forschungstagung Marketing, Fribourg, Schwitzerland, 11-13.09.2014; Schätzle S., Jacob F.

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